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11 Tips Every Couple Should Try for Better Sexual Life

Make it clear what you desire

Communication is important when it comes to boosting the quality and quantity of your sex. It’s critical to communicate your relationship’s demands in a broad sense because strong communication builds trust and keeps your connection alive.

However, it is critical to explain your sexual wants to your partner. If your partner isn’t doing everything correctly, show them how to satisfy you. It may appear awkward, or even as if you’re hurting their feelings, but they’re just wanting to satisfy you, so help them! If your partner offers you directions, be grateful for the open, straightforward communication and follow through.

Take your turn

It’s crucial to articulate your desires in the bedroom (or outside of it, see below…), but you can’t put all of the burdens on your partner to make things happen! It is critical that you are aware of your own sexuality in order to communicate your sexual demands to your partner. Along those lines, it’s also critical to get yourself excited when the occasion arises. Kamagra Oral Jelly is a popular medicine to cure Erectile Dysfunction.

Even if you think your partner is the prettiest person on the planet, they can’t always arouse or please you on their own. Understand what you enjoy and occasionally assist them. Knowing what you want is sex, and your partner will appreciate any and all suggestions that make sex more delightful for you.


So, like me, you may have assumed that Kegels were only for women. But you’d be mistaken! Kegel exercises can be performed by both men and women because both men and women have pelvic floor muscles, and Kegels are simply exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor. Kegels on a daily basis (or at least whenever you remember) strengthen your pelvic floor and can lead to better sex.

Kegels are convenient because they may be done anywhere and at any time! No one will notice if you don’t make any strange faces while performing your Kegels. However, you will most likely experience a boost in sexual pleasure!

Consider scheduling some quality time together

When life becomes too much, intimacy is typically the first thing to disappear. When you have a million things going on and are extremely stressed, it might be difficult to think about sex or feel desirable. 

Ignoring intimacy and sex during stressful times, on the other hand, can be extremely harmful to your relationship. Even if you feel like you can’t possibly fit anything else into your day, it’s critical to maintain an intimate connection with your partner. Generic Tadalafil Vidalista 20 is the best medicine to last longer in bed.

Scheduling personal time with your partner can help to ensure that your sex life is not neglected during difficult times. Having a sex schedule might also offer you something to look forward to when you’re completely exhausted! A big part of sex is the anticipation of it and the thoughts about it afterward, so play into that by planning ahead of time.

Along these lines, it can be enjoyable to organize a short staycation somewhere where you can entirely focus on being intimate with your partner. Rent a hotel room, arrange an AirB&B, or even plan a camping vacation where the sole agenda item is intimate time together.

Take it out of the bedroom

While blocking off your schedule to ensure that you find some romantic time together can be beneficial, don’t forget how sexy spontaneity can be!! You can’t always control when sexual urges come over you, no matter how much you try to manage your emotions and everything.

Sex does not have to be limited to the romantic bedroom set-ups we see in movies. Taking advantage of your sex desire where and when it strikes you can lead to some very interesting sex. 

Outside of the bedroom, having sex may be a fun and spontaneous way to spice up your sex life. You name it: countertops, couches, and the shower! There’s no need to take sex completely outside the house (unless you’re like that, in which case, go for it! ), but being discreet and inventive can add a fun dimension to your sex life!

Don’t hurry into ForePlay

However, while everyone enjoys a nice quickie, it is critical that your sex is not limited to brief and to the point. After all, foreplay can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of a sexual encounter. In addition to increasing the anticipation of actually having sex, extending foreplay can make intercourse more delightful as a result of the increased enjoyment.

It is enjoyable to engage in foreplay whether you are “giving” or “receiving” pleasure. It’s a method of increasing the closeness of your sex by incorporating touching, kissing, and all of the other nice stuff into the experience. In addition, foreplay might make sex more enjoyable. If you incorporate teasing and other such activities into your pre-sex preparation, you will be able to have some really fantastic sex later on. People also use Cenforce 100 to get more Sexual Pleasure.

Mutual Masturbation

To be honest, we all know what we’re thinking. Quite often, you are the most qualified to perform the task at hand. You should maintain your habit of masturbation regardless of whether or not you are in an intimate relationship. Increased endorphin production, as well as sexual and emotional release, are essential for living a fulfilling life.

You’ll also have a better understanding of your own body, which will be helpful when attempting to explain your sexual desires to your significant other. Moreover, while alone masturbation is quite enjoyable, it may also be entertaining to masturbate in the presence of or even with a partner.

As previously stated, including masturbation in your foreplay allows you to take an active role in exciting yourself (remember how we discussed the importance of playing your part! ), and it also demonstrates to your spouse just how and what you enjoy doing.

Many people find this to be too vulnerable, but if you take a chance and just try it out, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well it works for you!

Try out new positions

Check out the Kama Sutra, as cheesy and over-done as it may sound! The Kama Sutra includes a variety of sex positions, as well as helpful, easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations to assist you and your partner in figuring it out! Variety is the spice of life, therefore apply this concept to your sex life! If the Kama Sutra isn’t your thing, don’t panic; there are plenty of other places to look for inspiration.

Watching porn together as a pair can help you come up with new ideas for the bedroom, as well as illuminate the things that get your partner on. If pornography is too explicit or visually stimulating for you, consider reading erotica together for some ideas.

A quick Google search for ‘fun sex positions’ might also provide more inspiration. Experimenting with your personal connection might bring a fun depth to it. Not every new job will be a success, but looking for new ones will improve your sex and keep things exciting!

Don’t be afraid to take the start

It’s critical to alternate who initiates sex with whom. Being desired by your partner is a very crucial element of sex, and one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your desire is to initiate intimacy and intercourse with them.

The tendency to slip into routines in which one spouse initiates sexual contact is strong, but switching things up will demonstrate to both partners that they are sexually appealing.

Making a few changes to who initiates can also lead to more imaginative romps; for example, switching up patterns of initiation can lead to different positions being tried because the romp’s dynamic has changed.

Making a conscious decision to step outside of your typical roles and comfort zones (in a mutually agreed-upon manner!!) is a terrific approach to encourage better sex as a couple.

Recognize that sex can alter your life

If you and your spouse have been together for a long time, you may be inclined to believe that their sexual tastes will remain constant. This, however, could not be further from the truth! Our bodies change as we age, as do our sexual tastes. It is critical to check in with your partner to ensure that sex is still enjoyable for them.

This relates back to our initial communication advice. An open and frequent conversation about your desires (and sometimes even the mechanics, regardless of how difficult it is to describe) can ensure that you and your partner are adapting your sex to your evolving bodies and tastes.

Consider extending the relationship

While opening up your relationships with your partner is definitely something you should discuss with your partner, many couples have found that doing so has resulted in more enjoyable sex lives.

This does not have to be a long-term agreement; you can set restrictions such as duration or a maximum number of people if that is what makes you feel most comfortable and confident with the situation.

People who are not in your partnerships can sometimes benefit from having sexual interactions with one another outside of your relationships. Additionally, it can provide you with new ideas for when you are having sex together.