3 Exact Reason You Can't Get Erection !

3 Exact Reason You Can’t Get Erection!

Are you able to entice the woman of your dreams to sleep in your bed? Astonishing. You’re forgetting to prepare an erection before you leave? Nothing could be worse.

However, before you panic, keep in mind that many people have difficulty getting hard when they need to engage in sexual relations, and this does not indicate that you have ED (erectile dysfunction). While it is common in older people, many younger people can also struggle to understand and maintain their mistakes.

Here are three blameless reasons for your failure to perform. Remember them for the next time; sex does not always go as planned.

You Cannot Have An Erection Because You Drink Too Much Alcohol

You’ve probably been in the following situation: You’ve had a lot of drinks, returned her to your place, and realised you can’t get hard. Thank you, whiskey dick, for being one of humanity’s most unlucky curses.

According to Dr. Brahmbhatt, alcohol depresses your focal sensory system. It reduces blood circulation to your penis, which can keep you from hardening.

You Can’t Have An Erection Because You’re Stressed.

When you’ve had too many meetings, your boss won’t let you rest, and you’re on the verge of burnout, sex may be the last thing on your mind, according to Dr. Brahmbhatt.

Stress, he claims, “debilitates you mentally and physically.” “When you’re worried, your body is attempting to gather the majority of your vitality to your primary practical organs, so something like your penis will be at the bottom of this list.”

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Furthermore, feeling focused can raise your cortisol levels. This is a problem because the stress hormone can actually obstruct the effects of testosterone, according to a study published in Hormones and Behavior. That can kill your libido and cause erection problems.

The good news is that easing whatever is causing you concern will, for the most part, resolve these issues. Furthermore, having more sex can keep that stress-free momentum going, according to Dr. Brahmbhatt.

You Are Not Able To Have An Erection Because You Are Taking Certain Medications.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, there are a slew of medications that can interfere with your ability to get hard.

Certain high blood pressure medications, such as beta-blockers and diuretics, are included, according to Steven Lamm, M.D., medical director of NYU Langone’s Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health. While they are fantastic for your heart, their interference with your thoughtful nervous system and blood vessel walls can reduce blood flow to your rod.

According to Stanford University research, up to 70% of discouraged patients experience a drop in libido. Taking certain antidepressants to treat stress can also wreck your boner. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors, such as Prozac and Lexapro, can lower testosterone levels and even cause deferred discharge.

However, if you are dependent on those drugs, you cannot simply stop taking them. If you believe they are interfering with your sexual life, speak with your specialist about your options. According to Dr. Brahmbhatt, in many cases, they can work with you to find a prescription with a lower dose or a different class to reduce the boner-killing side effects.

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