8 simple trick to cure ed with proven home remedies

8 Simple Trick to Cure ED With Proven Home Remedies

The inability to maintain an erection or stiffness of the male reproductive organ for an extended period of time is referred to as erectile dysfunction. This is also known as impotence because the individual will be unable to engage in satisfactory sexual performance. Some men will be unable to achieve an erection with full sexual desire or even with any enhancements from their partner. There are only a few physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, and Ayurveda recognises and treats the cause for each individual.

Ayurvedic treatments for erectile dysfunction


It is an excellent treatment option for ED (erectile dysfunction) or any other sexual issues that a man may face in his life. This herb works wonders for sexual problems and has been used to improve sexual desires since antiquity. This is a simple trick for treating ED. Also you can try Cenforce 100 or Vidalista 20 generic medication for Cure of erectile dysfunction.

Body Massage: 

A daily massage of the entire body with Ayurvedic herbal oils will help treat erectile dysfunction faster. This revitalises the entire body and boosts the physical quality of great sex.


Boil one cup of milk with a bunch of drumstick flowers and drink this mixture every day for at least two to three months. This addresses the erection problem in men.

Honey and Carrot: 

Combine a half cup of chopped carrot, one half boiled egg, and two teaspoons of honey in a mixing bowl. I’m taking this blend every day for a month to treat my ED.


Combine two teaspoons ginger glue with two teaspoons honey and consume three times per day. This simple home remedy aids in the treatment of ED (erectile dysfunction).


Pomegranate juice is the most effective natural treatment for ED. Pomegranate is high in antioxidants, which aid in improving blood flow throughout the body, particularly to the genital areas. This maintains the erection for an extended period of time.

Saw palmetto:

This herb is used to treat erectile dysfunction as well as to increase sperm count. Daily consumption of this herb aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Gaps that are appropriate: 

An adequate gap between each intercourse is very important for supporting penile erection, and at least four days of gap after two continuous intercourses is highly recommended. You can consult Ayurveda if you want to discuss a specific issue.

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