9 proven home remedies to last longer in bed

9 proven home remedies to last longer in bed

‘How can I stay in bed longer?’ is one of the most often asked questions we get on the site. We don’t know if the folks who ask this question have a misunderstanding about how long they have to live or if they have a serious problem such as premature ejaculation.

Unlike in pornography, the average time for males during the performance is 5- 8 minutes, although the complete display from seduction to the finish of genuine intercourse can run up to half an hour. Here are nine things to avoid if you want to keep your sex desire alive. You can also use Cenforce 100 to last longer in bed. The natural cures listed below can help you stay in bed longer.

Eat more veggies and fruits

Studies have shown that guys who are normally vegan sleep far longer than non-vegans. They have increased stamina as a result of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, particularly potassium.

  • Eating a banana right before your sexual performance may help improve your performance because it includes potassium. It also provides the proper amount of glucose.
  • Drinking amla juice on a regular basis may help you sleep longer and enhance sperm quality because it contains the correct quantity of iron and zinc.
  • Before a sexual performance, eat a bunch of strawberries. Its high zinc content and glucose concentration can help you endure longer.

Avoid prepared sugar

The ‘sugar slump’ that follows a ‘sugar surge’ can deplete your stamina.

Quit smoking

It hardens your conduits and reduces blood flow to the penis. According to men’s health physician and medical sex therapist Dr. Vijayasarathi Ramanathan, “smoking affects every framework/organ of the body, including sexual functioning.” Individuals must understand that erection in males is heavily influenced by a healthy heart and veins.

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Limit your alcohol consumption

Alcohol depresses your senses, and you aren’t “totally” at the time. As a result, exercising control is out of the question.

Strengthen your arms and abdominal muscles

The majority of sexual positions demand the man to stare at him in the hands and feet. This means that his core must be extremely powerful in order for him to live any longer. Dealing with biceps, triceps, and abs in the gym or doing body-weight exercises at home might aid in this way. Exercise also enhances blood circulation in general, including the penis, which may be beneficial.

Try pelvic floor or kegel exercises

These activities are commonly used to improve bladder control, but they also aid in maintaining erections for longer periods of time. Assume you’re peeing and then try to stop the flow. Repeat the squeeze, hold, release cycle eight times, aiming for a 10-second hold for each press.

Pay extra attention to foreplay and your lady

Trying to encourage her to climax first with your fingers or your lips will assist release stress and keep your erection going longer.

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Get adequate sleep

According to a study conducted by University of Chicago researchers, males who slept for less than five hours per night had decreased testosterone levels. It is critical that you acquire 7-8 hours of sleep per night to support your sexual performance.

Try yoga

Certain yoga asanas, such as bhujangasana and paschimottanasana, can increase blood circulation to the vaginal region and lengthen the time you spend in bed. 

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