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Find out what could be causing your sexual dysfunction

Sexual health is vital for both males and females of all ages, but it is especially critical in older adults. Erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory abnormalities, and inhibited sexual desire are all possible problems in males with this condition. 

For the most part, people find discussing sexual health with their doctor to be an embarrassing experience, and as a result, they wind up dealing with their illness alone and in silence. Always remember, though, that doctors are trained to deal with practically any problem that you may be experiencing. Try Sildenafil Cenforce 100 to cure ED problems.

Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Men go through a series of stages before they may be sexually pleased. First and foremost, people experience sexual desire, often known as libido or sex drive. This could be activated by any of the body’s primary sensations, including smell and taste. 

Then they reach a state of excitation, during which the blood supply to the penile tissues rises, resulting in an erection of the penile muscles.

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The ability to erect is required for sexual intercourse to take place. Men eventually attain a climax or peak, at which point their muscles tense, causing them to ejaculate. The terms orgasm and ejaculation are frequently used interchangeably, yet they are two entirely separate things.

 It is possible for either to occur in the absence of the other, although this is extremely rare. Afterward, the individual enters a resolution stage, during which blood flow is reduced and the penis becomes limp.

What Causes Sexual Dysfunction?

  • Age: Human beings are expected to experience changes in their sexual desire and performance as they grow older, and this is natural. This, on the other hand, should take place gradually. 

Extreme changes are a warning sign that there is a severe problem lurking beneath the surface. Consult with your doctor about having a physical examination.

  • Heart Conditions: As previously established, circulation is critical in the maintenance of normal erection function in order for sexual intercourse to take place. Because of this, males who have cardiac conditions such as irregular heart rhythms, heart failure, high blood pressure, or artery blockage will occasionally or constantly suffer difficulties during their sexual performances. 

Sexual activity while suffering from these illnesses overworks the heart and raises the likelihood of developing a problem.

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  • Other physical Factors: 

Physical reasons that can lead to male sexual dysfunction include a variety of medical conditions. They are mostly the factors that have an impact on blood circulation. Smoking, alcoholism, obesity, Peyronie disease, and the treatment of prostate cancer are examples of such behaviors. 

That is why it is critical to seek medical attention so that the doctor can attempt to determine the underlying problem. Most of these disorders, if left untreated, have the potential to inflict serious harm on top of the existing dysfunction.

  • Physiological Causes:

Severe anxiety, dread of intimacy, despair, guilt, and stress can all have an impact on one’s ability to perform sexually. This could be a one-time event, while others could be mental health issues that require the attention of a skilled medical professional to be treated. 

Do not make the assumption that your problem is caused by a specific condition. Instead, let the doctor analyze your situation in order to get a precise diagnosis.