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We strongly advise that you consult with or follow the advice of your doctor or another certified healthcare expert on your medical condition whenever possible.

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Terms and Conditions of Sale

GetEDPill reserves the right to accept or deny any order placed by a Customer at any time and without incurring any responsibility to you. In addition, GetEDPill retains the right to withdraw any programme or offer, or to limit the order quantity of any Product/s offered on the site, at any time and without warning.

While placing an order, we accept and agree that you have completely and accurately disclosed/provided your personal information and personal health information and that you consent to the use of that information by GetEDPill and/or its affiliates.

You certify that you have undergone a physical examination by a physician and that you do not require another physical examination. You acknowledge and agree that all medications offered and distributed by GetEDPill and/or its affiliates must be administered by a licenced pharmacist.

If you are the patient’s parent or authorised representative, you hereby authorise and appoint GetEDPill and/or its affiliates to act on your behalf as if you were personally present and acted for yourself for the limited purposes of (a) obtaining a valid prescription for any Rx that you have sent to the Pharmacy; and (b) packaging and shipping the medication to the patient.

Through the completion of your purchase, you expressly consent to the shipment of your product by postal service or courier service to the address you specify in your order.

Specifically, this authorisation includes but is not limited to, the collection and use of your personal health information insofar as they are required for the fulfilment of your request.

You acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and that you agree that they will be binding on you, your assigns, heirs, and personal representatives and that you will indemnify and hold them harmless from any claims or liabilities arising out of your breach of these terms and conditions.

Policy Regarding Prescription Medication

GetEDPill, a fully certified and controlled pharmacy, takes all necessary efforts to ensure that the rules and regulations governing the distribution of prescription pharmaceuticals are properly adhered to at all times.

With the placement of your prescription or script order, you recognise and accept the following terms and conditions pertaining to the purchase of any prescription medications.

Upon placing an order for prescription medication(s), you hereby acknowledge and agree that you will comply with the requirement to send us a scanned copy of your valid prescription(s), script(s) via email, fax, Whatsapp, or by post and that this prescription will be subject to the scrutiny, authentication, and approval by our qualified Pharmacists.

It is not meant to give a diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice, and the medication information supplied at GetEDPill is strictly for informational reasons only.

Our liability for any adverse(side) effects or harm that you may suffer as a result of your reliance on the information included in this Website is excluded.

When ordering medications from GetEDPill, we demand that either the User or Customer, or the Caregiver, affirm that he or she is fully aware of the indications, side effects, medication interactions, and consequences of missing a dosage or taking an overdose of the medications being ordered.

Before purchasing or eating any medication from GetEDPill, we strongly urge you to obtain professional counsel from your physician.

A Caregiver can place an order for prescription medications on your behalf at GetEDpills.com.

Modifications to these Terms and Conditions

We retain the right to modify these terms and conditions at any moment without providing you with prior notice of such modification. It is your duty to read and understand the Terms and Conditions on a frequent basis.

After any such modifications have been published on the Website, your continuing use of the Website constitutes your agreement to follow and be automatically bound by the modified terms & conditions.

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